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Article by Angharad Isaac – HR Specialist Recruiter

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Recruitment Solutions Wales

HR Seminars – 2018


We are always looking to add value to our client relationships at RSW and as an experienced HR recruiter I feel it is essential for our clients to see how we add real value and not just “fill vacancies”. Developing long term relationships with HR Professionals means being able to show the value add, demonstrating long-term credibility whilst also building a platform of trust and reliability.


HR as a department are responsible for driving the culture strategy for an organisation. HR have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the business goals and can identify potential threats and opportunities to an organisation. This calls for expert HR professionals who are able to think and identify key issues.  A good HR Professional can leverage organisation performance.


My aim at RSW is to demonstrate to our clients that aside of filling vacancies we can offer professional advice on key issues and topics that effect business’ and specifically HR Professionals across the UK.

GDPR will go live on 25th May 2018 and as a legal requirement this will affect every business across the UK, I therefore decided that this would be a good starting point for our first Employment Law Seminar at RSW.

With a long-standing relationship with Nick Jones at Gregg Latcham’s we agreed to partner in hosting RSW’s first breakfast seminar held here in our board room at Brecon House, Llantarnam Business Park.

We had 12 delegates attend confirmed below

Dan Davies – Sales Director – Storage Giant

Kelly Davies – HR Representative – Storage Giant

Karin Cuthbert – HR Manager – University of Wales

Lisa Fryer – HR Manager – UPG

Sally Williams – HR Director – Northern Automotive

Christine Bailey – HR Officer – Sogefi Group

Rob Baker – HR Director – Unibersoty of South Wales

Kelly Watkins – HR Manager – Insureyourmotor

Julia Britton – HR Advisor – Insureyourmotor

Maria Leonard – HR Manager – GOS Engineering

Gerry O’Neil – HR Operations Manager

Rebecca Mitchell – HR Manager – Melatek


As a result, RSW have developed new relationships with new clients bringing new vacancies to the business whilst also raising our profile in the marketplace.

I have included below some of the feedback we received following our first seminar:


Sally Williams – HR Director – Northern Automotive

Hi Angharad,

 Thank you for inviting me to the seminar.  I really enjoyed it, content was great and delivery of the presentation and presenter excellent.

The environment and refreshments were great.  I don’t believe any improvements would be necessary and I look forward to coming to the next seminar.

Best regards,


Gerry O’Neill – HR Operations Manager – South Wales

Hi Angharad,

Thanks for the invite and organising the event. I thought yourself and Nick did a really good job in communicating the main elements of GDPR as the relate to HR and making the delivery of what could be a dry subject interesting and engaging.

Events like these are always useful in encouraging debate and discussion on live HR topics and in helping to develop networks. There are plenty of topics that I believe would be of interest for future events. Once you have collated thoughts from others, perhaps you could circulate a list of topics, ask people for their areas of interest and then arrange events for the top 3? Some thoughts from me are;

HR strategy driving organisational performance

Employee Engagement

Performance Management

HR Analytics

Nicholas Jones – Head of Employment Law and Corporate Services at Gregg Latcham’s Solicitors

Dear Lee Powell,

I finally got round to sending this email – simply to say many thanks to RSW, your team and particularly to Angharad for arranging the HR/GDPR seminar on 12th April.  Everyone at your end did a fantastic job in arranging the event and from my perspective it went very well.  There was a good range of attendees and I made some good contacts.  I especially liked the fact that the attendees stayed around for a while afterward to talk about the topic and ask questions.

Angharad has mentioned the possibility of other events in the future and I’d be happy to assist again as a speaker.

Kind regards



I would like to continue with these seminars at RSW with the support of my management team. I would like to base the next seminar around “Promoting positive mental health in the workplace” this will include the steps we can take to ensuring an engaged and productive workforce.