How to become an employer of choice: Top tips for 2018 

Through various surveys and reports, it has become pretty apparent that 2018 is set to be a big year for recruitment, with over 50% of UK businesses planning to expand their teams over the course of next twelve months. Whilst wonderful for the economy, it does however mean more competition for employers, needing to stand out in order to attract the best candidates.

Having worked with thousands of businesses across Wales and the UK, we at RSW thought we would share our top tips on how to become an employer of choice in 2018; we hope they help.

Build a positive candidate experience

Recruiting is about a lot more than finding someone with the right skills and employing them, with candidate experience now having a huge bearing on recruitment success. Creating a positive candidate process can do wonders for your employer branding and there are many ways to implement one. From engaging effectively with candidates to offering detailed feedback to all; ensure your selection process mirrors your business style.

Career growth

With Millennials now lording the candidate world, career growth is a hot topic, with candidates being a lot pickier when it comes to choosing an employer. In order to overcome this, focus on progression throughout the recruiting and onboarding stages, making sure your business is the right fit for the individual and vice versa.

Pay and benefits

Though career progression is an attractive quality for graduates and young professionals, so is pay and work/life balance, with employers now needing to offer contracts that speak to a multitude of candidate needs. By offering that little bit extra than your competitor, you can push your business to the top of the pile.

Social Media

Whist social media acts as the shop window for any business, it is also a point of reference for candidates thinking about applying for a job with you. Due to this, it may be an idea to sew employer branding into your digital marketing strategy, ensuring posts, images and messages are geared not only at potential customers, but potential team members also.

If you are looking to recruit in 2018, contact us at RSW today and allow one of our friendly team members to assist you with your query.